The Puntland Constitution established the Office of Attorney General (AG) as part of the judiciary organ. The Attorney General is the principal legal adviser to the Government and is appointed by the President from amongst persons qualified to hold office as a AG and then submit to the parliament for approval. The Attorney General (AG) is the principal State Prosecutor, assisted by his deputy and regional prosecutors.  All offenses prosecuted in the name of the state must be instigated by the Attorney General or some other person authorized by him. In the exercise of these functions the AG is not subject to the control or direction of any person or authority other than the Higher Judicial Council. The Attorney General provides legal advice to the government  Read More


The main goal of the Office is the intensification of the struggle against crime in Puntland, in accordance with constitutional and legal obligations. The prosecution is particularly focused on Read More


The Office of the Attorney General commits to provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services and ensure the rule of law across the Puntland State, and protect the rights of its people,


Having common core values is essential to create a high performing office. It creates clarity respecting the type of person the AGO should employ, it offers transparency and
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