June 2018
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Tuesday, March, 27th, 2018. At 10:00 AM

One of the mandates of the Office of Attorney General is to prosecute SGBV cases which the SGBV specialized prosecutorial unit tasked with exclusively to handle theses cases in line with the Puntland Rape Act.

 The trends of rape cases are increased and some of perpetrators are disappeared without punishment, here by the office of attorney general are informing the traditional elders to off their hands all kinds of rape cases, the AG office will not tolerate any further interference by the elders, mediating the rape cases will hugely effect and facilitate dramatically the number of rape cases to increase, Puntland Rape Act is clearly  stated that if someone tried to obstruct the justice or interfere the court process or try to divert the rape case to informal arbitrary, that person will be criminal and the judge will sentence an imprisonment not les then two year and not exceeding five year.

Some of false rape cases are reported, the AG will make deep investigation of all cases which reported as false and will take proper action to whom claimed as well any NGOs who made propaganda or exaggerated the false cases, all government institutions and other agencies will cooperate in daily bases to crate concrete effort.

After we made an assessment we concluded that girls are sometimes put them self in way which may made easy to be hunted by offender because they went with offender in isolated areas like outside of the cities, their houses, even their cars, they should be a vigilant or awake, and every girl is responsible to herself, so keep yourself in safe.

The cases registered in January, February and March, at four regions are 18 rape cases, 0 cases are convicted, 3 cases are mediated by traditional elder, 10 cases are still under investigation, 5 cases are in court hearing process.

The office of Attorney General is appreciating to UN Women on their effort to end gender based violence and their support to AGO.

By Mohamed Haree