June 2018
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As usual the Office of Attorney General use to announce end of each year all crimes included rape, which occur all Puntland regions, in this press release the office will only focus rape cases which occurred in four regions named Mudug Region, Nugal Region, Karkaar Region, Bari Region, with support by UN WOMEN the office of Attorney general newly established SGBV specialized prosecutorial unit tasked with exclusively handling SGBV cases in line with the Puntland Rape Act.

This year it seems that rape cases are increased, with effort of the unit and courts numbers of rape cases are sentenced, we hope that this will pave a way to decrease the rape in 2018, included that the forensic lab will be functioning completely, this year number of rape cases acquitted due to lack of evidence, the new year, Office of Attorney General will use the forensic lab as evidence against the perpetrator so no longer that rapist will acquit due to lack of evidence, the victim needs within  72 hours shall admit the forensic lab to examine before the sperm died.

The cases registered in four regions are 80 rape cases, 35 cases are convicted, 15 case are mediated by traditional elder, 18 cases are acquitted after they sworn due to lack of evidence, 5 cases are still under investigation, 7 cases are in court hearing process.

Office of Attorney General is sending warning shot to the parents who try to come after their children when they commit a rape and try to negotiate between them, as Puntland Rape Act stated that if someone try to interfere the court process or try to divert the rape case in custom will be criminal and will be sentenced in imprisonment, rape act will be implement strictly in this new year.

The office of Attorney General is appreciating to UN Women on their effort to end gender based violence and their support..

By Mohamed Hareed farah

Deputy & acting Attorney General Puntland.                                          End press release.

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