The main goal of the Office is the intensification of the struggle against crime in Puntland, in accordance with constitutional and legal obligations. The prosecution is particularly focused on the fight against crimes that affect the vulnerable population, piracy, terrorism, and organized crime. Success in this direction is the index measuring the work of the accusation body. However, the struggle against crime remains a challenge not only to the accusation body but also to the whole Puntland state and society.

The Office of the Attorney General commits to provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services and ensure the rule of law across the Puntland State, and protect the rights of its people,


Having common core values is essential to create a high performing office. It creates clarity respecting the type of person the AGO should employ, it offers transparency and predictability for those dealing with the Office and it will help staff to show initiative, to take decisions and to assess their performance.
The AGO has already identified the following five fundamental rules in the Puntland Judicial and Legal Professionals Code of Conduct (2010):

  1. Maintain and respect the Constitution and other laws of the country at all times;
  2. Serve and protect the public interest; respect, protect and uphold the universal concept of human dignity and human rights;
  3. Uphold the honor and dignity of their profession with impartiality and integrity;
  4. Perform the duties fairly, consistently and expeditiously;
  5. Preserve professional confidentiality and respect the principle of equality before the law, the presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial.